Escape to Serenity with the Best Instrumental New Age Tracks

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Escape to Serenity with the Best Instrumental New Age Tracks

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, it can be challenging to find moments of peace and tranquility. The fast-paced lifestyle, coupled with the seemingly endless obligations, can make it difficult to catch one’s breath. However, when it all gets too overwhelming, music can be a form of escape from the chaos. One such genre that offers an avenue for relaxation is New Age music.

New Age music has its roots in the spiritual and metaphysical practices dating back to the 1960s and 70s. It encompasses a wide range of subgenres, including ambient, electronic, and acoustic, to name a few. One of the most notable features of New Age music is the absence of lyrics. The instrumental soundscapes appeal to the listener’s sensory experience through harmonies, melodies, and textures. This feature makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking to unwind and escape into a serene soundscape.

If you’re looking to escape into a world of serenity, here’s a list of some of the best instrumental New Age tracks that are sure to transport you to a peaceful state of mind.

1. “The Inner Light” by Blonker
The German artist, Blonker is known for his soul-soothing acoustic melodies. “The Inner Light” is a timeless classic that features a harmonic melody backed by acoustic guitar chords. The piece is serene and evokes feelings of serenity and peace.

2. “Adrift in the Blue” by Jean Mare
“Adrift in the Blue” is a beautiful composition by Jean Mare, a German artist. The ambient instrumental piece consists of ethereal soundscapes that can be likened to the sound of raindrops on a lake. The soundscape is soothing, and the subtle percussion adds depth to the arrangement.

3. “A Journey to the Inner Self” by Gandalf
Gandalf, the Austrian artist, is known for his ethereal compositions. “A Journey to the Inner Self” is a stunning instrumental masterpiece that features acoustic guitar and flute melodies that blend seamlessly, creating a meditative and introspective soundscape.

4. “Across the Sky” by Yanni
Greek musician Yanni has been known for his emotive and dramatic instrumental arrangements over the years. “Across the Sky” is a classic piece that features a haunting melody that is immediately recognizable. The arrangement is cinematic and stirs emotions of hope and nostalgia.

5. “Quiet Moments” by James Asher
James Asher’s “Quiet Moments” is a classic meditation track that features soft and soothing soundscape, including Indian flute, tabla, and synthesizer. The piece is calming and evokes feelings of inner peace and tranquility.


New Age music offers a form of escape from the daily grind, providing the listener with a serene and relaxing soundscape to lose themselves in. The five tracks highlighted above are some of the best instrumental New Age tracks that are sure to ease your mind and take you on a journey of escape and tranquility. So, hit the play button and escape into serenity.

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