The Rise of Chillhop: An Up and Coming Genre Taking Over the Music Scene

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Chillhop is undeniably making a name for itself in the music scene. This subgenre of hip hop is known for its mellow beats, calming melodies, and the perfect mixture of rhythm and melody that can put anyone in a relaxed state of mind. The rise of Chillhop is inevitable, and it’s not hard to see why.

Originating from the Netherlands in the late 2000s, Chillhop has gained a loyal and increasing fan base in recent years. Observers attribute the genre’s popularity to millennials and Gen Zs, who have embraced the trend of mindfulness and mindfulness practices. The music offers them the perfect escape into a stress-free world, where they can relax and get into a meditative state.

Chillhop is more than soft beats and melodies; it’s a lifestyle. Fans seek to align themselves with the genre and its ideals of peace and relaxation. It’s no surprise that even during the pandemic, Chillhop thrived with its DIY approach and underground artists. The genre’s foundation is based on the idea of “lo-fi,” which involves a focus on the imperfections in sound, like background noises, purposely left in the music to create an authentic, organic appeal.

It’s easy to find Chillhop on Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. Over the past few years, Chillhop has taken over the streaming platforms, with over 50 million streams in 2020 alone. Artists such as Tom Doolie, Swum, and SwuM. have built a cult following as more and more people discover the genre.

One of the most exciting things about Chillhop is its diversity. The genre borrows from Jazz, R&B, Hip-hop, and Electronic music, creating an eclectic fusion that feels fresh and unique. As the audience grows, it’s great to see a mix of established and upcoming artists within the genre. With free access to music production software and online recording communities, the number of new artists discovering and creating Chillhop continues to grow.

Lastly, Chillhop’s influence is spilling over into other industries, from YouTube video producers to gaming. It’s not uncommon to hear Chillhop music being used as background music in Vlogs or gaming stream videos. The genre’s calming and laid back nature makes it an ideal fit for anything that requires focus and concentration without the distraction of intense noises or beats.

In conclusion, Chillhop is a genre that is here to stay. It’s more than just music; it’s a way of life. Its popularity continues to soar, and with its diversified sound and cultural impact, the genre is quickly establishing itself as one of the most essential genres in the music scene. Its focus on imperfections and DIY approach only adds to its authenticity, which is undoubtedly a significant reason for its growth. With more people discovering and embracing Chillhop, there’s no doubt it will only get bigger and better as time goes on.

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