Why Instrumental Music Deserves More Recognition in the Music Industry

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It’s no secret that vocal-driven songs dominate the music industry. Turn on the radio or stream a playlist, and you’ll hear countless musicians belting out lyrics over a catchy beat. But what about instrumental music?

Instrumental music is the embodiment of the sound of music – just the sound. It doesn’t rely on lyrics or a singer’s voice to convey emotion or tell a story. Instead, it brings out the melodies of various instruments, often producing an emotionally charged and moving experience for the listener.

Despite the pure beauty of instrumental music, it’s often overlooked in the music industry, relegated to being background music in films or in elevators. But, instrumental music deserves more recognition and respect in the music industry.

Firstly, instrumental music has a historical value to the music industry. Before lyrics, there was only instrumental music. As a result, instrumental music has a rich history, with various musical genres like classical or jazz, relying heavily on the beauty of the sound of instruments. In modern music, countless legendary instrumental musicians have transformed the industry, including guitarists like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, pianists like Stevie Wonder, and drummers like Buddy Rich.

Additionally, instrumental music is versatile and appeals to different audiences. Lyrics in songs are language specific, which can pose a barrier for a non-native speaker. Instrumental music transcends language and cultural boundaries, making it appealing to an international audience.

Furthermore, instrumental music can be used as a relaxing, stress-relieving tool. A study by the American Psychological Association found that instrumental music reduced stress levels more successfully than vocal music. Some instrumental music also features alpha waves, which can help stimulate creativity, reduce anxiety, and improve focus.

It’s not just listening to instrumental music that has health benefits. Learning to play an instrument, or even listening to music while playing a video game, can have cognitive benefits. Music can improve memory, boost brain power, and sharpen concentration.

In conclusion, instrumental music is a vital part of the music industry and deserves recognition and respect. As a genre, it has a rich history and myriad benefits, from relaxing the mind to improving brain power. It’s time for us as a society to give instrumental music the recognition it deserves.

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